About Me

I am from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and spent two years in Syracuse, NY, USA. I attended the University of Alberta for a number of years, in many different disciplines. I have a BA in Linguistics and Anthropology and a BA (Hons) in the History of Art, Design, and Visual Culture, both from UAlberta, in addition to my M.Sc. in Linguistics.


Across my career, my interests have always centred around communication: learning more about the ways in which humans communicate, and learning more about how we can communicate better. To that end, I first explored Linguistics, and then started learning more about Art History, and then began exploring teaching and trying to better myself as an educator. Now, I am pursing a PhD in Education as I work with the U School program at the University of Alberta. 


In addition to academics, I enjoy yoga, baking, playing with my dogs and cats, volunteering for literacy organizations, and thinking up things to put on this website.