Research Interests

I am interested in education in non-traditional environments, like art galleries, libraries, and community centres. In particular, I'm interested in finding out more about the people who act as instructors in these spaces, and how they come to be educators. I hope to one day develop a portable curriculum for educators and parents that will allow them to increase children's literacy skills in a meaningful way even if they are not in a classroom.


I'm also interested in communication across different modes and the intersections between visual and print literacy. How can an increase in one kind of literacy effect skills in other kinds of literacy? Are there any universally-transferable literacy skills? This research interest stems from my own work as an artist (primarily print-making) and my experience as a Gallery Educator at the Art Gallery of Alberta.


In my graduate studies at the University of Alberta, I focused on the psycholinguistics of reading. More precisely, I looked at how one's native writing system affects second language reading in another writing system. I was particularly interested in seeing how native readers of abjads read alphabets.