Welcome to my Teaching Portfolio

Hello, and welcome to my teaching portfolio! Thank you for taking the time to review it. Please click the links above to access the different elements of my portfolio, or click on the titles below. 


The Teaching Philosophy section contains my teaching statement and explains my pedagogical approach.


The Previous Teaching Responsibilities section includes a summary of my teaching experiences and provides an explanation of my responsibilities as a teaching assistant, on-site supervisor, and instructor of record for RED 326/625: Literacy Across the Curriculum, offered at Syracuse University. It also includes reflections on my teaching experiences.


The Teaching Materials section contains samples of worksheets, lesson plans, and PowerPoint presentations that I have prepared, as well as samples of feedback that I have provided to students. Additionally, I have included the syllabus for the Spring 2015 section of RED 326/625, for which I was the instructor of record. There is a more detailed explanation of each element within the section.


The Student Evaluations section includes student evaluations for my instruction of an SAT Preparation Course and for my role as teaching assistant and instructor of RED 326/625 at Syracuse University.


You can also view my CV by clicking here or by using the menu bar.