Sample Teaching Materials

The first sample is part of a review worksheet that I prepared for a New Haven Reads SAT Preparation course, which I taught in the summer of 2013.  I had the students work through the worksheet with me, as a group of 10.
Alvina MB SAT Review .pdf
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This sample is a worksheet that I prepared as a teaching assistant for RED 326/625. I had students work in pairs to rewrite their learning objectives and then had each pair share their rewritten objectives. I then referenced this format when we discussed how to create an assessment plan.
Alvina MB Learner Objectives Worksheet.p
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This is a lesson on Literacy and Technology that I planned and enacted in the Fall 2014 semester as a teaching assistant for RED 326/625. I then used this lesson when I was an instructor for RED 326/625 during the Spring 2015 semester.
Alvina MB RED 326 Class Plan Technology.
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This is a sample of feedback that I provided for a student on her leadership of a small, mixed-discipline discussion group in RED 326/625. I used my observations, her written plan, her reflection on the session, and videotaped footage of her leadership in my assessment.
Alvina MB Group Discussion Feedback.pdf
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This is a sample of feedback that I provided to a student on her lesson plans for the field component of RED 326/625. This is typical of feedback that I provide for students midway through the semester, with an eye towards improving their performance by the end of the term.
Alvina MB Tutoring Session Feedback.pdf
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Finally, this is part of the syllabus that I used as instructor of RED 326/625. I did not create this syllabus, but I did make some changes to the readings, assignments, and rubrics, in consultation with my teaching mentor.
Alvina MB RED326:625 Syllabus S15.pdf
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